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Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

Dirty Angels - Karina Halle

Luisa is a waitress at a tourist bar in Mexico.  Barely making ends meet, she has to work in order to support her ill parents.  When the most known drug cartel leader, makes her an offer she can’t refuse (quite literally), she finally has the financial means to quit working and still provide for the parents that mean the world to her. 

Javier is becoming a big player in the drug world.  He has been taking over key areas of Mexico, but there is one that will make him the biggest in the game.  He sets up the perfect plan; hit is rival where it hurts worse by kidnapping his bride.  He’d be willing to give up everything, including his empire, to gain her back, right?  Javier gets more than he expected when his men haul in Luisa.   Will his priorities change because of his instant attraction to his rival’s queen? 



I have no idea why Javier is so hot.  He takes the term ‘bad boy’ up about a million notches.  He tortures and kills people, not feeling an ounce of guilt or revulsion.  We learn in detail what he is capable of.  Yet there is just something about him that is so appealing.  Although I wasn’t rooting for him to win Ellie in The Artist’s Trilogy, I was still smitten.   I loved this book; Karina Halle pretty much owns me.  I’m ready for Dirty Deeds!