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Gravity by Nightshade

Gravity - Nightshade

I am on a Vampward kick.  I cannot get enough of him right now!  After reading A Dove’s Cry by karenec, I still needed more.  (He’s like my heroin.  Yeah, I went there.  Sue me.)

Gravity is the very first fanfiction that I read.  It’s been 5 years, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it affected me so much because it is really that good, or because it was my first taste of the fanfic world,  my first taste of a darker Edward who doesn’t always act the gentleman.  Seriously, Darkward is hot.  



My summary- Edward returns to Forks after leaving Bella in New Moon.  The cliff jump/ Alice’s vision/ Bella saving Edward in Italy never happened.  Instead, Edward can’t stay away from Bella any longer.  He has a nasty surprise when arriving at her home, however.  She is getting freaky with Jacob; EDWARD CAN SEE IT THROUGH JACOB'S THOUGHTS. Edward soon finds out that Bella is no longer a meek girl who would do anything for him.  She’s learned how to be tough, to stick up for herself.  Has she truly moved on?  Can Edward win her back?


My gut hurt while reading this.  My emotions were all over the place because I couldn’t help but feel everything Bella and Edward do.  Gravity is just as good as I remember, and I am glad that it was my first fic.  It showed me that there are some amazing writers in the fandom, and I was instantly hooked. 


Gravity is a little hard to track down online, but trust me, it’s worth the search.  IT IS AMAZING.  I am now searching for anything else Nightshade may have written.  Any ideas? Suggestions for other Vampward fics?