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Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead

Ever read a series that consumes you, in a ‘Kids, let’s order a pizza because I’m not putting this book down kind of way?  Yeah, that’s Bloodlines.   I can’t get enough of Sydney and Adrian (especially Adrian).   The series just keeps getting better. 


Warning- Spoiler if you haven’t read the earlier books in the series- In The Fiery Heart, Sydney is captured by the Alchemists and sent for re-education because of her relationship with Adrian.   (And told her dad she’s let Adrian do everything to her.  Best moment ever!) She has made the grave mistake of treating the moroi as equals.  In Silver Shadows we find out exactly what happens in these re-education centers.  Can Adrian save her before they brainwash her? 


Loved this book, and cannot wait for # 6, even though I know it will be the last.  I hope another spinoff series is in the works because it’s such an exciting world to live in.  Adrian can be so funny but also pull off romance like no one else.   He’s at the top of my book boyfriend list!