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Could Be Worse, Right? By Savage

Could Be Worse, Right? - Savage

With a life that is completely consumed by illegal business deals and general shadiness, Edward is lonely.  He wants someone in his life, a girl who will always be available for sex, no matter what.  He decides the only way he can make this happen is to buy a sex slave. 

The transaction is an expensive but simple one; pick his requirements and a girl will be ready who meets these needs.  He wasn't expecting to feel guilty when he brings his new slave, Bella, home. 


I had a difficult time with this one; usually I love anything written by Savage.  Although there are definitely good moments, the beginning bothered me.  More than I expected, and that feeling sat with me throughout the story.  I can’t really explain it without giving the story away but it wasn't what I expected.  I’m disappointed.