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I Am A Slacker...

I have been the laziest reader these past couple of weeks.  I had been going for walks on my breaks at work to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise, so that’s really cut into my reading time.  Then a couple of weeks ago while just starting my walk, tripped, and broke a bone in my foot.  Crutches have slowed me down, which you would think would give me lots of time to read, but it’s just made me super slow getting things done.  I am frustrated and have had a hard time concentrating.  I haven’t given up on my bookreads reviews; real life has just gotten in the way temporarily.  I am really looking forward to things getting back to normal!!  I have to be in a walking boot for about 6 weeks, but hopefully I’ll be walking in 2 or 3 and will have more time to relax with my books.  



(It was not this graceful)