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The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

The Casquette Girls - Alys Arden

New Orleans has been destroyed by what residents are simply calling 'The Storm'.  A hurricane that hovered over the city, it left many dead in it's wake. Adele, a teenager who grew up in the heart of the city, evacuated with her father to Florida just in time. To her horror, he sends her to Paris to stay with her mother, whom she has no relationship with.  

After pleading to return to her beloved New Orleans, she and her father go back to pick up the pieces of their former life.  

Once back, strange things begin happening to Adele. As she discovers her family's past, will she also discover her true self?



I loved this unique twist on the legend of vampires.  Not your average love story, I enjoyed he unpredictable turns the story takes.  I did get frustrated with Adele at times; some of her decisions didn't make any sense. But I still found it easy to like her. I didn't realize that this isn't a stand alone; a second is currently in the works.  I will definitely pick up the next one when released; I am anxious to step back into Adele's shoes and revisit the mystique of her New Orleans.