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The Purple Banana Hammock by TheFicChick

The Purple Banana Hammock - TheFicChick

Remember in Twilight when Bella mentions an idea for a story in the school paper, padding on the swim team? In Twilight, we know that Bella is distracting from her eating habits. But imagine her as a college student, asked to cover this exact story. Horrifying..until Bella gets her first look at the team's star swimmer, Edward Cullen. Maybe her assignment won't be as bad as she initially thought!


The Purple Banana Hammock started out as a one-shot, but readers enjoyed it so much that two more updates were added. It is definitely funny, and of course it is steamy hot. Edward in a Speedo, hello!! Drama is present, but it's not the entire plot. Well written, and moves along at a well thought out pace. Loved it!