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Psychophilia by Michelle Muckley

Psychophilia - Michelle Muckley

-I received this book from the author in a giveaway on Booklikes-


 Charlotte has had an ‘accident’; the problem is that she doesn’t remember what happened, or how she ended up being dragged from a lake as she was drowning.  She no longer remembers a lot of things about herself and her life.  She only knows what she is told by her husband, Gregory. 


Gregory is another problem.  He used to love Charlotte, but something has changed and she is stuck with a distant man who looks at her with empty eyes.  Maybe the pregnancy will make him love her again….


Charlotte is willing to go to almost any length to get back the life she once had.  But is it a good idea to go back to the way things were, if she has no idea what type of life it was?


This book is like nothing I have read, and has a haunted quality that I really enjoyed.  The author slowly feeds the reader details about Charlotte’s past.  There were a few slow moments but it shows us what Charlotte is going through herself.  I am happy to recommend, and will definitely read some of the author’s other works.