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High School Confidential by troublefollows1017

High School Confidential - troublefollows1017

Things are looking very promising for Bella Swan.  She has just graduated college and has moved to Chicago to reunite with her long time boyfriend James. She has also been hired at Masen High School as their new counselor and will start in the fall. 


It’s crazy how quickly things can change.   Bella’s 9 year relationship ends suddenly, leaving Bella in a strange city without anyone she knows.  She signed a one year contract with Masen, so she’s stuck until the following summer before she can move back to Washington. 


Bella’s first day at Masen is not exactly what she expected.  She first meets a very exuberant Alice, who instantly decides that she and Bella are going to be great friends.  While going over the files of the students she will be counseling she realizes she has some true challenges.  And the principal, Mr. Cullen, ignites feelings in her that she absolutely should not be having.  He’s married, but he is just so perfect.  Bella is in for a very interesting school year!


I really enjoyed this story.  It has a little bit of angst but some really funny times too.  Some of the decisions Bella makes are frustrating but it all turns out well.  I definitely recommend!