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Autumn Rose: A Dark Heroine Novel by Abigail Gibbs

Autumn Rose: A Dark Heroine Novel (Dark Heroine Novels) - Abigail Gibbs

​Autumn Rose is not your average 15 year old girl.  Sure, she has the sullen attitude down pat.  But her problems are a little bigger than that of her fellow students.  See, Autumn isn’t exactly human.  The scars that cover half of her body identify her as a Sage, whose race can wield magic. 


I really enjoyed Autumn Rose. The story is very different than the first in the series, which is about Violet Lee, another Heroine.  I definitely recommend for a fun YA read. 


My only issue was the weird sex dreams. Autumn is a seer and keeps dreaming about Violet Lee having sex with the vampire Prince Kaspar. She even walks in on them and watches when they finally meet in person. Yet when her time comes it is a total fade to black.  It doesn't make a lot of sense

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