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Judgmental Co-Workers Suck


I had a unique comment from a male coworker last week that referred to the books I read.  He is also a reader and likes to share about whatever book he is currently reading.  I have always enjoyed talking about books with him, however this time he informed me (he is very religious, which I am not at all) that reading smutty books about hot guys is the same as looking at them lustfully, which is the same as committing adultery in my heart.  For one, I've never described details about any book of that type to him but have mentioned titles when he asks what I am reading.  Second, What.  The.  Hell.  Seriously??  He just accused me of cheating on my husband, which I would NEVER do.  It’s also extra creepy coming from a male.


He did apologize the next day, saying that he felt really bad about it and didn't want to offend me.  But really, he didn't retract his comment.  That is my vent.  I am offended and irritated that someone would push their beliefs on someone who does not believe in religion.  I asked my husband if he was offended at all by what I read.  He’s fine with it, so isn't that what matters?