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The War Against P2P

There has been some controversy for a while now regarding fanfiction authors who have pulled their stories from the internet, changed the names /characteristics of the characters, and published these stories as original fiction.  Some have taken a stand against this practice, arguing that this is copyright infringement. 


I don't get this argument- have these people even read fanfiction?  Sure, there are some fics that revolve around the original source, but most really have nothing to do with the original at all.  We read fanfiction because we feel we already know a little about the characters but want to see them in a completely different way.  The only similar trait may be the hair color, or nervous habit.  These authors put so much time and effort into writing.  The raw talent that some of them have is breathtaking, and they deserve success for what they love to do.  I don't see any harm in deciding to publish these fics, as long as any similar traits are changed before attempting to profit.



The effort to 'one star' books because it was once fanfiction is childish.  If you don't agree with the practice don't buy the books.  I can't imagine how much time it must take to keep track of the books that used to be fanfiction, research original titles and authors' pennames, find out if the story is still available online, then take the time to review on sites like Booklikes and Goodreads with that notorious 'one star'.  Maybe other authors are afraid of the competition? 


End note- I do not write fanfiction, I just really, really like it.  I have a fuckload of respect for the authors who have brought me every version of Edward imaginable.