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The Violets of March: A Novel

The Violets of March - Sarah Jio

I enjoyed the idea of this book; romance with a good old family mystery. The main character , Emily, is very likable. I do have some issues with the story though.



One is how quickly Emily falls in love with Jack. It happens so suddenly that you can't figure out when that line was crossed. I didn't feel the passion that I would expect with finding your soul mate. I also thought it was horrible that Esther faked her death so she could hurt the people she loved. Elliott had a right to know he had a child. And her oldest daughter should know that her mother didn't leave her. It's also a little weird that Esther would continue to write letters to an old boyfriend who wouldn't move on, even if it was for updates on her daughter.


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I enjoyed this story but was a little disappointed when done.At the end, I'm not sure I would recommend it.