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Perfect for You (A Laurel Heights Novel)

Perfect for You - Kate Perry

Perfect For You is a fun book. It's a little cheesy and not very realistic but enjoyable just the same. It's not the type of story I expected by the cover. A couple frolicking on the beach really has nothing to do with the story at all. Instead it is the story of Freya, an artist struggling to find her missing muse. She believes that all she needs are a few nights with a sexy man that she has yet to meet. Instead she finds her inspiration with the least likely of men, the ridiculously hot lawyer who lives upstairs. The problem is that she hates lawyers and assumes he must be a master manipulator due to this career.

With some help from Freya's sister, Greg ends up convincing her that he is not only the perfect one to spice up her life but also the man of her dreams.

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