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Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris

I'm going to have to let this digest for a while. I expected the ending but not all of the actions that led up to it. Right now I can just say WTF?!?!

I've had time to sink in and I am even more disappointed. I expected her to end up with Sam and I am OK with it. It was best for Sookie. She hated vampire politics and was always surrounded by it. She was never completely safe around the people Eric had to deal with and she didn't want to be changed herself (even though I would have chosen to be turned to be with Eric without any hesitation!). Sookie loves living in Gram's house and working at Merlottes and Sam is her best friend. It wouldn't be my HEA but for Sookie it is.

My problem is the way it all played out. Where was the Eric we love? He ended up coming across as a cold hearted vampire who picked power over Sookie without any drama. He didn't fight for her. He used to be willing to do anything to take care of her, and even though he did make sure she wouldn't have to deal with vampires anymore he just didn't do enough. It was a watered down version of Eric. He expected Sookie to hide and play mistress while he slept with both her and his wife. She didn't even like him feeding from another so I'm not sure why he was surprised she turned him down. Then to realize he had a habit of picking tough blonde girls to change, was she just one to add to his collection? I remember his confusion when he realized he loved her. It was so new to him but now it's been a habit? Their ending after building up the relationship for 12 books feels like a slap in the face.

And what is up with Sam? I wanted a big declaration of love. I think he's always loved her even though he just realized it when he died. I seem to remember an almost kiss in the past. But instead it was an I'm ready to date a woman like you kind of thing and then he just wants to jump her all the time. No mention of taking care of her or loving her. Nothing sweet, just sex so slippery it reminds of her seals.

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Such an anti-climatic ending to a series i once loved. I'll just go read book 4 again and try to erase this from my brain.