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Dusty - YellowBella,  TeamBella23,  YellowGlue

I just finished the last sentence and am a little breathless. Dusty is a beautiful story, one that makes me feel as if I've lived another life. Dusty and Bliss are so real to me, I was there in Forks with them from the very first chapter.



There's no doubt that Dusty loves Bella with a love that is bigger than both of them. It is never as simple as him choosing the drugs over his love, he's an addict. His body makes sure he suffers without. His brain convinces him he needs another fix. But Bella clings on and takes more abuse than anyone should as a result of this addiction. Love is stronger than the addiction. I like to think that Carlisle forced Edward to get clean after picking him up in Bella's yard, and the Edward calling her is a bright blue-eyed one.


(show spoiler)


Loved it!!!