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The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley

LOVE! I could not put this down and found myself getting up early just so I had time to read before work. The story revolves around Eva, a woman who has just lost her sister, the only family she had. She brings her ashes to Trelowarth, the home of friends they used to visit for the summers. Eva soon finds herself hallucinating, hearing voices and seeing a man that isn't there.


But they aren't hallucinations at all, as Eva discovers. She is actually traveling back in time. The mystery soon turns into a love story as she falls in love with Daniel, the man who lives in Trelowarth in the early 1700's.

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The Rose Garden is equal parts a mystery and love story. I was a little nervous that things would not end well for Eva and Daniel; there were so many obstacles!, but am very satisfied with the ending. I will be adding Susanna's other books to my 'To Read' list!