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From Ashes

From Ashes - Molly McAdams

I did enjoy this book- Gage is so great and the love story is very sweet. There were just some character actions that really bugged me.

Ty has spent his whole life protecting Cassie. As a kid, he is pretty irresponsible and doesn't tell anyone that his best friend Cassie is getting beat daily by her parents. Ok, he's a kid, sometimes kids make really bad choices. But when he gets older it is just inexcusable to me. I get that he loves her but he should have enough sense to know she could die any day if the beatings were that severe. It said that her parents never hit her anywhere that could be noticed, but she had to have stitches about once a month. Wouldn't Ty's parents question this at some point? He's supposed to be a doctor, I'm sure he would be trained on spotting abuse victims. And as many times as she was beat to the point of not moving I can't imagine there wouldn't have been some sort of physical damage.

Ty as an adult is not any better. He loves Cassie and says he wants to continue to protect her so he rescues her from home and brings her with him when he goes to college. This is pretty much the only thing I liked about him. Then he realizes that Cassie and Gage are attracted to each other so he lies to each to sabotage their chance at a relationship. I get this to an extent even though I don't agree with him. Ty has viewed himself as Cassie's protector for years, it would be hard to watch someone else walk in to that picture. But he bullies Cassie into a relationship with him instead and treats her terribly. He ends up bringing some skank home to screw to prove to Cassie that she should have had sex with him and kicks her out. In the freezing cold. In her socks and PJs. My toughest part of this story is that in the end CASSIE FORGIVES HIM and they are happy best friends again. WTF?

This story seems to say that horrible behavior can be excused if someone was drunk. . Is drinking a good excuse for her mother to beat her to the point of death and have sex in front of her? For Ty to bring home the slutty girl and almost kill Cassie by kicking her out in the cold? Apparently so.

The redeeming factor for me was the epilogue. It was so perfect for Cassie and Gage.

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