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Savagery by Emma MacKenzie

Savagery - Emma MacKenzie

Some may not know this, but Emma MacKenzie is actually a pen name used by the fabulous Karina Halle.  I was ridiculously excited when I found out she had released this book.  As one of my favorite authors, I can’t get enough.  I am grateful (and amazed) that she writes as fast as she does.  And the subject of this one… Seriously, how hot are Vikings?  Eric Northman will always have a place in my heart, so the idea of another Viking Erik was intriguing. 


Savagery was not at all what I expected.  I did not apparently read the entire summary on Amazon, so I ended up coming across a major WTF that left me shocked.  Horrified, even.  As quoted "It IS sexy (M/M/F ménage) and emotional but if you need a rainbows and kittens HEA on your love story, this is NOT the book for you!"  READ THIS.  READ IT AGAIN.  I myself like the rainbows and kittens.  They give me fuzzies that feel so nice in the tum. 


I also had a difficult time connecting with the main character, Cherine, as much as I have with Karina’s other female leads.  As I have said many times, third person narrative is not my favorite.  It always leaves me feeling a little removed.  Cherine’s acceptance and enjoyment of some of the ways she was treated by Rolf bothered me.  I couldn’t relate at all.


Savagery is not a bad book.  It is well written, and the sex is for the most part pretty hot.  There is a sexual brutality that is seldom found in the types of books I read.   There is a lot of gore and battles, but a book about Vikings is bound to have some violence, so that part has to be expected and didn’t bother me.


All in all, Savagery is a decent book.  I did enjoy most of it, just not the HEA.  I’m all about the angst, but I like my HEA with a side of happy feelings.  There were also some questions that weren’t quite answered for me, and I hate loose endings.  I am curious to see if she writes another book under this alter ego.