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The Moment We Began by Sarra Cannon

The Moment We Began - Sarra Cannon

**I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. **


Penny is the girl who has everything.  She comes from a very wealthy family, she’s beautiful, and has a great best friend.  But these things aren’t enough for her.  She’s missing one thing- the heart of her brother’s best friend, Mason.    She’s been in love with him for as long as she can remember.  Sure, he’s attracted to her.  They’ve been sleeping together for a while now.  But he’s made it clear that she’s not the only one he’s with.  He’s not interested in anything but the pleasure her body can give.   

But in one night, everything changes.  The consequences of their arrangement come crashing down; forcing her to make a risky decision.  When he runs, will she go with him?



This book was frustrating. Penny acts like a spoiled little girl; her decisions are not that of the mature young woman she is supposed to be.  She supposedly discovers that is she is stronger than she realized, but her actions do not back this up.  I had a difficult time connecting with her.  As for Mason; I’m all for the bad boy turned good.  But some of his actions aren’t really redeemable in my opinion.  Things were wrapped up a little too easily and quickly. 

I want to mention that this story was well written.  It’s sad to have to point it out, but in the world of poorly edited books it’s a nice change to not have to stumble across misspelled words and poor grammar. 

All in all, not my favorite book but not a bad read as long as you don’t dissect too much.    

The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

The Casquette Girls - Alys Arden

New Orleans has been destroyed by what residents are simply calling 'The Storm'.  A hurricane that hovered over the city, it left many dead in it's wake. Adele, a teenager who grew up in the heart of the city, evacuated with her father to Florida just in time. To her horror, he sends her to Paris to stay with her mother, whom she has no relationship with.  

After pleading to return to her beloved New Orleans, she and her father go back to pick up the pieces of their former life.  

Once back, strange things begin happening to Adele. As she discovers her family's past, will she also discover her true self?



I loved this unique twist on the legend of vampires.  Not your average love story, I enjoyed he unpredictable turns the story takes.  I did get frustrated with Adele at times; some of her decisions didn't make any sense. But I still found it easy to like her. I didn't realize that this isn't a stand alone; a second is currently in the works.  I will definitely pick up the next one when released; I am anxious to step back into Adele's shoes and revisit the mystique of her New Orleans. 

Source: http://pointerforall.blogspot.com/2012/09/quotes-on-importance-of-reading-books.html

The Practicum by TheFicChick

The Practicum - TheFicChick

Bella is an English teacher at Forks High. Halfway through the year, a new PE /health teacher is hired, Edward Cullen. Although Mr. Cullen is definitely sex-on-legs, he seems a little uptight. Unfortunately for Bella, state requirements insist that a female teacher be present during sex ed, and she is the lucky teacher to join in on this lesson.  How in the world will she discuss things like erections with this man?


Very cute, not a lot of drama. Edward is adorable, however maybe a little too naive to be believed. In all though, TheFicChick writes amazing stories and I definitely recommend this one. 

The Purple Banana Hammock by TheFicChick

The Purple Banana Hammock - TheFicChick

Remember in Twilight when Bella mentions an idea for a story in the school paper, padding on the swim team? In Twilight, we know that Bella is distracting from her eating habits. But imagine her as a college student, asked to cover this exact story. Horrifying..until Bella gets her first look at the team's star swimmer, Edward Cullen. Maybe her assignment won't be as bad as she initially thought!


The Purple Banana Hammock started out as a one-shot, but readers enjoyed it so much that two more updates were added. It is definitely funny, and of course it is steamy hot. Edward in a Speedo, hello!! Drama is present, but it's not the entire plot. Well written, and moves along at a well thought out pace. Loved it!

Inked Armor by Helena Hunting

Inked Armor - Helena Hunting

 Helena Hunting is by far my favorite author. Clipped Wings & Inked Armor is an epic love story. When released originally as fanfiction, I awaited each chapter impatiently, and snuck to read the updates at work as soon as they were posted. (I worked in the lobby of a bank, it was no easy feat!) I cried along with these characters, agonized over their issues, and cheered alongside them with each triumph. 


I am so happy to say that reading the published version of this story has been just as powerful. It's not very often that we get to reread our favorite stories as if it were the first time all over again but that's exactly how this was for me. I cried and cheered all over again.
I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!



Can I dare hope that The Misapprehension of Bella Swan will be published next?!

99 Book Nerd Problems


This is is a great article on The Barnes & Noble Book Blog, and oh so very true!



Between the Cracks by Helena Hunting

Between the Cracks (The Clipped Wings Series) - Helena Hunting

A novella about Chris!  I enjoyed getting a peak into the mind of Hayden’s outspoken coworker.  This story is very short, even for a novella but it is a great addition to the Clipped Wings series.  

Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren

I loved Beautiful Player as much as I did the first two of the series. It is a fun story filled with lots of sexy times. 


Hanna is a young, 24 year old college student who doesn't have a life outside of school.  At her brother's suggestion, she calls his long-time best friend, Will, to hang out with.  Maybe if she can get out more she can figure out how to have fun again. 


Hanna has had a crush on Will since she was 12, but he's always seen her as his best friend's little sister.  When reuniting, she discovers that not only is he better looking than in her memories but there is may be a lot more to him underneath his womanizing exterior.


My Hanna and Will:


Psychophilia by Michelle Muckley

Psychophilia - Michelle Muckley

-I received this book from the author in a giveaway on Booklikes-


 Charlotte has had an ‘accident’; the problem is that she doesn’t remember what happened, or how she ended up being dragged from a lake as she was drowning.  She no longer remembers a lot of things about herself and her life.  She only knows what she is told by her husband, Gregory. 


Gregory is another problem.  He used to love Charlotte, but something has changed and she is stuck with a distant man who looks at her with empty eyes.  Maybe the pregnancy will make him love her again….


Charlotte is willing to go to almost any length to get back the life she once had.  But is it a good idea to go back to the way things were, if she has no idea what type of life it was?


This book is like nothing I have read, and has a haunted quality that I really enjoyed.  The author slowly feeds the reader details about Charlotte’s past.  There were a few slow moments but it shows us what Charlotte is going through herself.  I am happy to recommend, and will definitely read some of the author’s other works.   

High School Confidential by troublefollows1017

High School Confidential - troublefollows1017

Things are looking very promising for Bella Swan.  She has just graduated college and has moved to Chicago to reunite with her long time boyfriend James. She has also been hired at Masen High School as their new counselor and will start in the fall. 


It’s crazy how quickly things can change.   Bella’s 9 year relationship ends suddenly, leaving Bella in a strange city without anyone she knows.  She signed a one year contract with Masen, so she’s stuck until the following summer before she can move back to Washington. 


Bella’s first day at Masen is not exactly what she expected.  She first meets a very exuberant Alice, who instantly decides that she and Bella are going to be great friends.  While going over the files of the students she will be counseling she realizes she has some true challenges.  And the principal, Mr. Cullen, ignites feelings in her that she absolutely should not be having.  He’s married, but he is just so perfect.  Bella is in for a very interesting school year!


I really enjoyed this story.  It has a little bit of angst but some really funny times too.  Some of the decisions Bella makes are frustrating but it all turns out well.  I definitely recommend! 

Rise by Rochelle Allison

Rise - Rochelle Allison

Bella Swan used to love her boyfriend Alec. That was Before. Before he was controlling. Before his shady drug deals. Before his obsession with money and power. Now Bella is trapped in this world Alec has created; leaving would mean her death.  


Masen is a bodyguard hired by Alec to keep Bella safe.  Unfortunately, the way she feels about Masen may be the most dangerous thing of all. 


I love Rochelle Allison. Her fics are always so well written and easy to get lost in.   Rise is a great read for those in the mood for some angst along with a sweet love story. 

Inked Armor by Helena Hunting

Inked Armor - Helena Hunting

May 13th can't get here soon enough!


Source: http://www.helenahunting.com/2014/04/30-days-until-inked-armor.html?m=1

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