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The Curse Defiers by Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Defiers (Curse Keepers Series Book 3) - Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Defiers is another great book in The Curse Keepers series.  One problem though- book 4 does not yet have a release date!  According to Denise Grover Swank’s website, we won’t see the next book until SUMMER OR OCTOBER OF 2015!!!  That is such a long time to wait.  I hate having to re-read a series to get ready for the newest release so that I stay caught up.  If it is anything like the last 3 books though, it will be worth the wait.   

The Curse Breakers by Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Breakers - Denise Grover Swank

Book two is another success for The Curse Keeper series! 


Ellie’s world has changed dramatically since she discovered that the curse she has heard about her entire life is real.   She finds herself facing evil spirits, demons, even gods as she learns to navigate this new territory.  With the help of Dr. David Preston, a college professor and expert of local Native American history, she begins the journey to do whatever she can to save those she loves.


I loved this book, and just like the first could not put it down.  It consumed my entire weekend.  I love the supernatural world that Denise Grover Swank has created; it is completely unique and intriguing.  I can’t wait to continue the journey! 

The Curse Keepers by Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Keepers - Denise Grover Swank

This story was a complete surprise.  The Curse Breakers was one of those cheap stories that I found on Amazon.  Relating to the supernatural, I was hooked from the first chapter and read it in two days.   I initially thought it was a YA, but the main character Ellie is 23, and there is definitely smutty goodness. 


Ellie has been taught about a curse relating to her family since she was a little girl.  After a family tragedy, she quit believing in the curse and refused to learn any more about it.  This turns out to be quite the mistake once she meets the very hot but obnoxious Collin Dailey.  Was the meeting a coincidence or was it fate that they met? 


I am already in the middle of book three and can’t get enough.    So addictive!  

At Any Turn by Brenna Aubrey

At Any Turn - Brenna Aubrey

At Any Turn is another winner from Brenna Aubrey's Gaming the System series. Told from Adam Drake's POV, we get to the next step in his relationship with Mia. I have to say that he seriously irritated me at times; Adam is such a guy. He makes dumb decisions constantly. But its his character, he's learning as he goes.   Mia is equally dumb at times, but again, this is all new to her. Loved it and can't wait for the release of book three on October 27th! 


At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey

At Any Price - Brenna Aubrey

Mia is a popular gaming blogger and med school hopeful.  She’s unsure of how she’ll pay for school, and she worries about her mom who is struggling with huge medical bills.  She comes up with an idea that could solve everything; with the help of her best friend Heath she sets up an online auction.  She’s auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. 

Adam Drake is the handsome man willing to put down the most cash for a night with Mia.  But are his reasons the most obvious or does he have an hidden agenda?



As a new gamer myself (Seriously, who knew World of Warcraft was so damn addictive??) I was immediately curious when I read the book description.  I enjoyed the story, and one would not have to be into gaming to enjoy it.  The story is hot and keeps you glued every minute.  I seriously love Adam Drake and love this series so far.  A must read!


An Imperfect Love by Mistyhaze420 - DNF

An Imperfect Love - mistyhaze420

Per author- “After Edward leaves Bella & Alice leaves Jasper, their worlds collide. They have no one to turn to but each other for comfort and become good friends...but maybe more. But is it enough to mean forever?” 


I’ve never read a Bella/Jasper fanfiction, unless you count Son of a Preacher Man.  I was curious, so I downloaded several.  The summary for An Imperfect Love sounded interesting, so I thought it would be a good one to start with. 


I don’t even know where to begin.  This story is ridiculous.  It was a DNF for me.  I got to about 20% I think and couldn’t go on.  I tried to skip to the end just to see how it she finished it but couldn’t even get through the last chapter.


I have so many problems with the story. It begins 3 months after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon.  She’s a mess.  Alice breaks up with Jasper so he finds himself in Forks, checking on her.  The attraction is apparently immediate, and no time is needed to heal from their past relationships.  There is some weirdness where Bella keeps sitting on Jasper’s lap while they drive Edward’s Vanquish. That’s when it all started going downhill, and it was in the first few chapters. 


The rest of the Cullens seem to accept this new relationship immediately without any issues, and call Edward names behind his back.  Bella is mouthy and loud, she blames the fact that she was more insecure and reserved before Jasper on Edward.  Was she not like that before she met him?  She’s having these dreams about everyone’s pasts, and can apparently affect the moods of others.  And she can change the weather.  These powers develop overnight, but the newly improved Bella doesn’t question it or seem overly concerned.  Who wants to worry about things when you can party and sex up Jazz whenever you want? 


I am so irritated, and am not sure I am ready to try another Bella/Jasper fic anytime soon.  There are more plot holes than I can count, and I hated the Edward bashing. 


I am attempting to write a one-shot.  It is difficult.  I have had a story swimming around in my head for literally two years, but have not had the guts to actually sit and type it out.  I have no idea if I will actually post it, but I like to think I will be pleased enough with the results to do it.  It will never be something that I will end up pulling to publish; not that I have a problem with the practice as I’ve mentioned before.  My story will be tied too much to Stephenie Meyer’s vision of Twilight. 



Anyone else ever tried to write a fic?  Or have advice?  I have another idea floating in my brain, a Bella/Jasper story, but I doubt that one will ever find its way on paper.


Late Night Encounters by kyla713

Late Night Encounters - kyla713

Edward is an ER doctor, working crazy shifts.  It doesn’t leave much time for a personal life, and it’s tough to find someone who is willing to put up with his schedule.  After a suggestion from Emmett, Edward impulsively logs into a chat site.  This site is far from the match.com variety.  People go there for one thing; to hook up online.  There he meets BellaNova, a girl who doesn’t hold anything back. 

There is no build up to the sexy times in Late Night Encounters.  You are treated from the very first chapter.   For the most part it is a fun story and full of fluff, but some situations are just kind of random and thrown in for no apparent reason.  For example, the situation with Alice is never fully explained and didn’t contribute to the story whatsoever.  Bella’s attack in LA could also have been elaborated; there was no resolution.  Too much time was spent on the fluffy times when it could have been so much more.  I’m a little disappointed, but I loved the idea of busy doctor Edward and the online meeting.  

Another Twilight vs Fanfiction Comparison - Edward Cullen

I couldn't help but do another comparison today, just because I felt like looking at pictures of Robert Pattinson. I am being productive, seriously. 


Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen:






I like my Edward with a slice of badness. Which do you prefer?

Twilight vs Fanfiction Comparison- Bella Swan

While Stephenie Meyer invisioned this:



This is the Bella those of us who read fanfiction spend our time with:




Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

Dirty Angels - Karina Halle

Luisa is a waitress at a tourist bar in Mexico.  Barely making ends meet, she has to work in order to support her ill parents.  When the most known drug cartel leader, makes her an offer she can’t refuse (quite literally), she finally has the financial means to quit working and still provide for the parents that mean the world to her. 

Javier is becoming a big player in the drug world.  He has been taking over key areas of Mexico, but there is one that will make him the biggest in the game.  He sets up the perfect plan; hit is rival where it hurts worse by kidnapping his bride.  He’d be willing to give up everything, including his empire, to gain her back, right?  Javier gets more than he expected when his men haul in Luisa.   Will his priorities change because of his instant attraction to his rival’s queen? 



I have no idea why Javier is so hot.  He takes the term ‘bad boy’ up about a million notches.  He tortures and kills people, not feeling an ounce of guilt or revulsion.  We learn in detail what he is capable of.  Yet there is just something about him that is so appealing.  Although I wasn’t rooting for him to win Ellie in The Artist’s Trilogy, I was still smitten.   I loved this book; Karina Halle pretty much owns me.  I’m ready for Dirty Deeds!


Cracks in the Pavement by VampiresHaveLaws

Cracks in the Pavement - VampiresHaveLaws

This one was a tough one for me.  Cracks in the Pavement is a beautifully written story, but hard for me to read because of the sadness Bella feels.  VampiresHaveLaws portrays her feelings so perfectly; the reader can’t help but feel the depression Bella is in. 


Bella and Edward have been married for several years; their lack of communication has broken them down.  Told entirely from Bella’s POV, it made my heart ache.  They are so very unhappy.  And Bella is so frustrating; she has so much to say to Edward but feels he already knows.  She can think of nothing but her love for him, but thinks that he can just see it in her face.  He needs to hear it, because he isn’t sure she feels anything anymore.   I’m glad she confronts Kate; I would have done so much earlier.  I don’t care what her reasoning is, she’s got to know she is acting inappropriately.  Bitch. 


I’m giving 4 stars because it is a wonderful story, just one I personally wasn’t ready for.  That doesn't diminish how great it is.  

Source: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6765479/1/Cracks-in-the-Pavement

Evading Edward by VampiresHaveLaws

Evading Edward - VampiresHaveLaws

Bella is the new girl, moving in with her dad Charlie next door to the Cullens.  She finds herself instantly welcomed by siblings Alice and Emmett, and fast friends with their respective others, Jasper and Rosalie.  She’s yet to meet the other Cullen sibling, Edward.  He’s hardly ever home, preferring to spend his time with the girls who flock to him.   

When Bella does finally meet the illusive Edward, she isn’t impressed.  He may be beautiful, but he’s also arrogant. Will they ever become friends? 


I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  There were some similarities to other stories I have read, to the point that I wondered at first if I had read it before.  It’s just the classic high school storyline- Bella meets asshole Edward; they hate each other, but eventually ends with an HEA.  Arrogant but sweet inside Edward always wins me over though (doesn’t every Edward?).  I think VampiresHaveLaws grew more confident in her writing as the story progresses.  It was fine in the beginning, but I noticed it improved each chapter.  It was hard to put this one down, causing me to stay up way too late.  I am glad to recommend, and am excited to start another of her stories, Cracks in the Pavement.  

Source: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5399084/1/Evading-Edward

Broken Windows by Saritadreaming

Broken Windows - Saritadreaming

Bella, who dreams of being a writer, is invited by the prestigious Masen Foundation to live on their island for one month and finish a manuscript she has been working on.  While there, Bella is reminded of the boy from her past that obviously hated her, but provoked feelings in her that no one else has.  Will Bella be able to let go of this obsession for Edward Cullen once and for all? 


First of all, I HATE giving bad reviews for fanfiction. I don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings, which seems a little silly since I’m not opposed to giving one for a published book.  This story could have been amazing; the idea is a great one.  However, Broken Windows drove me insane.  I didn’t know when I started that this was originally a one-shot that she decided to continue.  I think it should have been left alone after the original ending. The story is nothing but fluff, which isn’t a bad thing if that’s what someone is looking for, but it just goes on forever.  And there is a lot of repetition, retelling the same things over and over.  And if Edward called Bella Angel one more time I thought I would rip my hair out.  I am so disappointed. I have scanned and skipped over at least a third of it, because I can’t really stand not knowing the ending. 


Any suggestions for a good Vampward fic?  I usually stick with stories written in the first person narrative.  I’d love recommendations for lesser known stories!  

Source: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6612260/1/Broken-Windows

Gravity by Nightshade

Gravity - Nightshade

I am on a Vampward kick.  I cannot get enough of him right now!  After reading A Dove’s Cry by karenec, I still needed more.  (He’s like my heroin.  Yeah, I went there.  Sue me.)

Gravity is the very first fanfiction that I read.  It’s been 5 years, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it affected me so much because it is really that good, or because it was my first taste of the fanfic world,  my first taste of a darker Edward who doesn’t always act the gentleman.  Seriously, Darkward is hot.  



My summary- Edward returns to Forks after leaving Bella in New Moon.  The cliff jump/ Alice’s vision/ Bella saving Edward in Italy never happened.  Instead, Edward can’t stay away from Bella any longer.  He has a nasty surprise when arriving at her home, however.  She is getting freaky with Jacob; EDWARD CAN SEE IT THROUGH JACOB'S THOUGHTS. Edward soon finds out that Bella is no longer a meek girl who would do anything for him.  She’s learned how to be tough, to stick up for herself.  Has she truly moved on?  Can Edward win her back?


My gut hurt while reading this.  My emotions were all over the place because I couldn’t help but feel everything Bella and Edward do.  Gravity is just as good as I remember, and I am glad that it was my first fic.  It showed me that there are some amazing writers in the fandom, and I was instantly hooked. 


Gravity is a little hard to track down online, but trust me, it’s worth the search.  IT IS AMAZING.  I am now searching for anything else Nightshade may have written.  Any ideas? Suggestions for other Vampward fics?

A Dove's Cry by karenec

A Dove's Cry - karenec and transistory07

Bella suffers.  When she was a young, helpless girl, she suffered abuse and has felt impure every day since.  While meeting vampire Edward Cullen, she realizes she has the perfect accomplice to help her get seek revenge against her abuser. 


I haven’t read a fic with Vampward in a while and have been in the mood for one so I went with recommendations and read A Dove’s Cry.  Although I did enjoy the story, Bella is often a complete bitch.  She is so focused on her goal that she doesn’t seem to care that she treats Charlie and Edward with complete disrespect, and that bothered me.  I love Edward though, and that kept me reading.  Karenec is a great writer, and I have downloaded a couple of her other stories to try.  I’m hoping for a more likeable Bella.  I am in need of more vampire Edward, so on to the next story! 


**The details of Bella's abuse can be graphic at times.**